AI Business Insights

Increased productivity by 62%

The Client

A B2B SaaS company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to humanise and comprehend business operations by driving data through processes and users. Their AI bot, Athena, offers users valuable insights and data.

The platform allows users to acquire insights through interactive conversations. By engaging in natural language conversations with Athena, users can gather information, gain a deeper understanding, and obtain valuable insights into their business operations.

They combine the power of AI and conversational interfaces to deliver data-driven insights to businesses, aiding them in effectively achieving their goals.



The Problem

The challenge lies in the platform's outdated UX, generic design elements, and an outdated brand that lacks uniqueness compared to competitors. Their conversions are increasing and it is crucial to address these issues and rejuvenate both the platform's user experience and the brand identity to stand out in the market.

AI Business Insights specialises in presenting data in a compelling and understandable manner, enabling businesses to derive actionable insights from their data, the users need to make quick and accurate decisions. By leveraging advanced AI technologies,AI Business Insights enables users to make prompt and precise decisions based on real-time data analysis.

This product aims to be cost-effective and time-saving, making their analytic platform accessible even for small companies and enabling efficient data-driven decision-making. We need to to focus on data storytelling, ease of use, affordability, and empowering businesses of all sizes,AI Business Insights sets itself apart from competitors in the market.

The Solution

By addressing the outdated UX, generic design elements, and brand identity,AI Business Insights can rejuvenate its platform and stand out from competitors. Through a thoughtful UX redesign, unique design elements, and a refreshed brand,AI Business Insights can create a compelling and differentiated user experience that captures the attention and loyalty of customers.

Personas, Surveys and Interviews

I have developed multiple user personas that effectively capture the main pain points and challenges encountered by our target users in their business operations. These personas provide comprehensive descriptions of their characteristics and requirements, emphasizing how they can proficiently tackle their unique difficulties.

The current target groups are Business Analysts and Tech Leaders, amounting approximately 2/3rds of users, and inexperienced or Decision Maker, which are about 1/3 of users.

It terms of their old system, I conducted surveys and interviews to gather data that will provide insights at a macro level. By Identifying key goals and objectives, I define the broader purpose and desired outcomes of the research. Below are some key take aways from the research.

Direct / In-direct competitor research

Engaging in thorough competition analysis, both direct and indirect, can greatly enhance the value of any project. Personally, I find it invaluable to observe how other companies tackle challenges and effectively utilise and present data. Such observations often ignite inspiration for innovative problem-solving approaches. Here is a comprehensive list of the companies I researched:

The Results

I successfully assisted in achieving significant improvements in their performance metrics. Specifically, I wes able to increase sign-ups and improve conversion rates by an impressive average of 32%. Through my efforts, I also helped establish a consistent brand image that engenders trust among users. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in boosting productivity by an outstanding 62%, resulting in substantial time savings for their Businesses, improving decision making and increasing revenue.

Standing out from the Competition

With the colour wheel spectrum of direct competitors identified during the initial stage in mind, we decided to go forward with shades of green which, alongside the AI-themed graphic elements, would differentiate the brand from its direct competitors and set its desired friendly brand tone.

Visual Direction

Developing and perfecting the visual direction requires a collaborative effort between designers and stakeholders. Keeping ais's values, personality and target audience at the forefront, we created stylescapes for 3 unique visual identities. This approach allowed us to communicate the new distinct styles, while remaining mindful of the resources and time invested.


The Design

A visual direction provides guidance and clarity to UI designers. It sets the tone and establishes a framework for making design decisions, ensuring a unified and harmonious look and feel across different screens and components. It helps designers understand the intended visual language, colour schemes, typography, iconography, and other key design elements.

Throughout the discovery process, a major pain point that arises is the lack of clear insights. To address this, I have carefully designed the KPIs in a simple and understandable manner, presenting clear data without overwhelming the users. Moreover, the client is equipped with Athena, which communicates and automatically interprets the data, further enhancing its ease of use.

Furthermore, I have meticulously crafted a user interface that showcases a modern and affordable design, delivering an engaging and visually pleasing experience for its users.


Design System

The visual design language is the core of a design system. It’s made up of the discernible components that you’ll use to construct your digital product. Your visual design language is made up of four main categories, Typography, Colour, Grids and UI elements, and you should consider the role each of these design elements plays in every component on the screen.

With every project I work on, it's very important to implement a design system. this not only establishes a set of rules and guidelines, but as your business grows and expands, a design system enables scalability. It provides a scalable framework that can accommodate new features, products, and platforms without sacrificing consistency. Having a design system also increases the developers efficiency.


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