The Client

Unity is a dynamic creative and development agency dedicated to assisting businesses in optimising their operations, reducing costs, expanding their customer base, and maximising profits through innovative digital solutions.

By leveraging their expertise in creative design and technical development,Unity helps businesses streamline and automate their operations, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also enables businesses to allocate their efforts towards strategic initiatives.



The Problem

Unity, a reputable provider of high-quality development solutions, is undergoing a strategic shift to prioritize design and recognize its importance. To showcase their expertise in both development and design, Unity partnered with a marketing agency to devise a comprehensive plan.

The goal of the redesigned website is to visually engage visitors and effectively highlight Unity's capabilities and services, aligning with their new direction. Additionally, Unity aims to expand its customer base in Europe and attract more clients from the region.

The Solution

By investing in a fresh and modern website, Unity aims to revitalise their online presence, attract new customers, and effectively demonstrate their expanded focus on both development and design. The new website serves as a powerful tool to showcase their expertise, engage potential clients, and make a lasting impression that aligns with their reputation for creating awesome development solutions.



Following research into our customer personas, we have pinpointed the core values, preferences, and requirements of our target demographic. Our goal is to craft marketing communications and content that not only strongly resonate with, but also precisely cater to, their aspirations for superior design and development.

Additionally, we will consistently monitor and analyse the performance of the webiste from user testing and heat maps, making necessary adjustments to their needs.

User Flows, User Journeys & Wireframes

I started creating user flows and journeys, a sitemap, and prototypes ready to be tested, this enabled me to efficiently map out the design and effectively communicate with the client, ensuring a streamlined process ready for feedback and user testing.


The Design

The design needed to be modern, simple and clean, I wanted the design to significantly emphasis on approachability and instilling a sense of trust upon initial landing.

My aim is to demonstrate that Unity not only possesses cutting-edge technological expertise but also excels in creative design.

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