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The Client

This client is a prominent company in Southeast Asia that has established itself as a leading entity in the esports and gaming lifestyle industry. With a strong foothold in the content creation economy, their has achieved success by developing a robust business model that encompasses Creator, Media, Esports, and Product.

The Creator aspect of their business model involves working with talented individuals who create content related to gaming and esports. These creators, often referred to as influencers or streamers, are instrumental in engaging with audiences and building a dedicated fanbase. they supports these creators by providing resources, guidance, and opportunities to enhance their content and grow their personal brands.



The Problem

This client has introduced a new platform, which is centered around the concept of web 3 and NFTs. The token is positioned as a curated pass that offers fans of Blacklist Agents and their talents an immersive experience, exclusive content, and access to a global community. However, the user research conducted by their suggestions that the majority of their existing community is not crypto-native.

While there is an opportunity to onboard them into the world of crypto and NFTs through their marketing power, it is essential to approach this transition with caution due to the community's predominantly beginner-level understanding of cryptocurrency.

To facilitate adoption and educate the community, the client should focus on two key aspects of community building. Firstly, efforts should be made to attract more crypto-native individuals to the community who can provide expertise, guidance, and support in navigating the crypto landscape. Collaborating with platforms that align with their goals and values can help foster these synergies.

Secondly, education should take precedence over hyping up the community. Providing accessible and comprehensive educational resources about crypto, NFTs, and the token will help newcomers understand the benefits and value proposition of these technologies. By dedicating time to educate the community, theey can ensure that they have the knowledge and confidence to participate in their NFT ecosystem.

Considering the current trend in the gaming industry, it's important to take note that "play-to-earn" is still a prominent concept. they should factor this in when rolling out their crypot project. Designing elements within the NFT ecosystem that allow users to earn rewards or engage in gameplay that aligns with this "play-to-earn" concept can further incentivise adoption and participation from the community.

By approaching the NFT project with a focus on education, collaboration with crypto-native platforms, and incorporating play-to-earn mechanics, they can increase the likelihood of successful adoption within their community and attract newcomers to the world of crypto and NFTs.

The Solution


Visual direction

Developing and perfecting the visual direction requires a collaborative effort between designers and stakeholders. Keeping gaming-NFT's values, personality and target audience at the forefront, we created stylescapes for 2 unique visual identities. This approach allowed us to communicate the new distinct styles, while remaining mindful of the resources and time invested.


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